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There are a number of things you need to do to setup a new Xamarin app for iOS.

You'll need the following pre-requisites

  • A Mac with the latest version of Xcode and Visual Studio for Mac installed
  • An Apple Developer account (free)
  • An iOS device with the most recent version of iOS installed
  • A lightning cable

And then you'll need to follow the following steps

Register for an Apple Developers Account (free)

Go to and create an Apple Developer Account

Create a new App in Xcode and deploy it to the device

This step is just to create the necessary certificates for the app on the device. We won't actually need Xcode after this step.

Take note of the app bundle identifier you use as you will need it when you create and deploy your Xamarin App to your phone.

Give the app permissions to use the camera

You need to tell the app to give permissions to the camera.

You do this in the

[Screenshot here]

Trust developer on your phone

As you are deploying an app to your phone from an 'untrusted' developer, you need to explicitly trust it by going to

General > Device Management -> Trust developer

[Screenshot here]


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